About Stone Photography

For nearly 20 years photography has given us the opportunity to pursue both adventure and spirituality, while developing our interpretations of the natural world. Our goal has been to capture something unusual about the familiar and something familiar about the unusual in the remote places our cameras have taken us. In our founding work, we created photographic images of often stark landscapes that are evocative, sometimes other worldly, but most of all authentic to the beauty and tranquility of nature.

In 2004, we established Stone Photography as a way to showcase our landscape work primarily and to provide the opportunity for people to acquire these images. By 2009, we added a viewing room at our home studio. Since that time, we each began to develop projects that represented our evolving photographic interests.

In 2011 Rob's interest in our ever-changing relationship to the natural world led to the development of the Close To Home portfolio, a series of images capturing the beauty found within the city limits of Davis, CA. In 2014 Rob began working with the Putah Creek Council and many dedicated residents to produce his latest project Hidden Treasure: Restoring Putah Creek. This portfolio captures the grace and power of this riparian corridor that is now reemerging from Monticello Dam to the Sacramento River.

In 2011 Andrea created The City Reflections Project where her focus shifted to photographs of reflected architecture and city life. At the end of 2015 she introduced a second gallery titled Elements. In this body of work, the abstract quality is revealed in graphic slices of architecture viewed directly versus in reflection.

With our growth came increasing interest in our work which has culminated in our devoting ourselves full time to the photographic life and to the expansion of our business. In the summer of 2013 we renovated existing office space in downtown Davis into a production studio and gallery. This provides us with a comprehensive lab for developing and printing our images along with four intimate spaces for viewing the prints. The new studio will host various tours and Open Houses throughout the year as well as provide a meeting place for other artists to come together as a community.


Stone Photography Studio
The Viewing Room is available by appointment.

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