Rob Stone

Rob Stone

Photo by: Tom Deininger

I was trained as a still photographer, cinematographer and producer/director in television at the University of California, Davis in the late seventies. My interest in developing a narrative through still photography emerged from these earlier projects. As I was beginning to master the art of directing film and television I met a young photographer, Gabriel Unda, whose characteristic generosity led him to teach me most of what I know about photography today. This mentorship planted the seeds of craft and artistic vision that would develop much later. Although I produced a number of award winning documentaries during this period that focused on the challenges the disabled face in our culture, the world of film and television production wasn't offering the creative and personal challenge I was looking for. I began to think that I wanted more of a connection to the emotional experience of the subjects I was filming.

I left the world of electronic media and received a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. While I was in private practice I enjoyed the intimate connection with my clients and found myself looking for a creative connection outside of my office. In 1998, on a trip to Europe with my wife, I began taking pictures again after having put my camera away for fifteen years. Looking at those images on the light box rekindled my love for photography and story telling.

In 2011 I began work on a project entitled Close to Home, a visual meditation on the intersection of community and nature and our connection to the natural world. Taken within the city limits of Davis, California, the Close to Home portfolio is a series of images capturing the beauty of a town that is hiding in plain sight. In 2014 I began working with the Putah Creek Council and many dedicated residents to produce my latest project Hidden Treasure: Restoring Putah Creek.

The image entitled Close to Home was recognized as Best of Show in the juried competition "Vision" by the Sacramento Fine Arts Center in 2012. It was a Bell Ringer for the KVIE Auction that same year. In October 2013, I was recognized as a Black And White Spider Awards nominee for my architectural image, Frank Gehry's House. Works from the Close To Home portfolio were exhibited in a solo show in January 2015 at Gallery 1855 in Davis, CA. The image entitled Willow from the Hidden Treasure portfolio won 3rd place in the exhibit "Slice: Juried Exhibition Of Contemporary Art" at the Pence Gallery in Davis, California in August 2015. I have had award-winning images selected for multiple juried shows in Northern California, including Viewpoint Photographic Art Center and The Blue Line Gallery.

After Spring Rain, from the Close To Home portfolio, was acquired by the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, California for their permanent collection in February 2015.

I am represented by the art consulting firms Art Consulting Services in Sacramento, CA, DAC Art Consulting in Atlanta, GA and Kinzelman Art Consulting Houston, TX.

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