Edition and Pricing Information

All images are typically available in three or four sizes, with a limited edition of five numbered prints per size. Currently, there are three exceptions to the above. The portfolio, Jellies, comes in two sizes with a limited edition of fifteen numbered prints per size. The Synergy series comes in three sizes with a limited edition of thirty per size. Some selected images (30 x 40" and greater) have international representation and are offered in larger editions.

Approximate print sizes and prices are as follows:
16 x 20": $480.00
20 x 30": $900.00
30 x 40": $1800.00
40 x 50": $3250.00

These prices apply to editions of 1/5 and 2/5 in each of the sizes. The price increases beginning with edition 3/5. We reserve two artist proofs for each image. Once the edition in any size is sold out it will no longer be released.

Our limited edition archival pigment on paper prints are produced exclusively at our studio. These handmade images are of the highest quality using only paper and inks that insure state of the art permanence. All are signed, dated and numbered on the front of each print. A certificate of authenticity describing the photograph and the archival print making process is provided with each piece.

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