Close to Home

Taken within the city limits of Davis, California, the Close To Home portfolio is a series of images capturing the beauty of a town that is hiding in plain sight. It is a visual meditation on the intersection of community and nature and our connection to the natural world.

Growing up in the Central Valley in Northern California I witnessed the disappearance of the native landscape displaced by corporate agriculture and suburban sprawl. Beginning in the mid-eighties a movement headed by local Davis activists and developers recreated and reintroduced the native terrain and its inhabitants into a new community living space. Water, islands, wetlands and trees now make up a natural landscape and ecosystem that didn’t exist 20 years ago. While most landscapes are about what nature builds, here we have an environs that are a product of developers, city planners and suburbanites who designed a community living space where there were only flatlands before. They let the forces of wind, water and all things living fill in the canvas of what I now explore as an artist.

Rob Stone

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