Featuring a distinctive range of colors, shapes, and lines, this collection of metropolitan art is comprised of interpretive, yet literal, images of buildings throughout Europe’s incredible cities. Bold colors and complex window treatments characterize this gallery, challenging the viewer to reevaluate their perspective of architectural photography. The collection is a playful, thought-provoking journey through iconic European cities such as Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague, and Vienna, shedding new light on the uniquely fascinating beauty of the cityscapes and urban elements that serve as the backdrop to our everyday lives.

The Fin Window Paintings Screenshot
Tower of Babel Vermeer’s Windows Waiting
Crossings Pitch-Perfect The Writing On The Wall
Cloudy Daze: Jade Sky Castles Cloudy Daze: Slate
Glass Curtain II Color Chords Men and Machines
Chromaphilia Ode To Miró Corrugated Orange
Specularity: Hibiscus You Complete Me Specularity: Citrus
Specularity: Verbena Specularity: Sangria Specularity: Blood Orange
Specularity: Cognac Toto…We’re Not In Kansas Anymore Glass Curtain I
Sorbet Appliqué Paintbox Apartments