Andrea and Rob created Stone Photography in 2004 as a way to showcase their work and invite people to see and acquire their images. Over time, their artistic production expanded and evolved to cover both landscape and urban photography. In 2013, they established their headquarters in downtown Davis, California. Complete with a production studio and four intimate viewing rooms, the Stone studio received visitors and buyers from all over the world, and was the crucible for their ongoing creative partnership. Unfortunately, due to Covid, the Stone Photography Gallery closed in late 2020; however, Andrea and Rob continue to produce and sell their artwork online via their website.

The two describe their collaboration as a constant, fluid, almost unconscious process, one that serves as a tonic for each one’s decisive and unique vision. They share their work with one another, regardless of whether they love or hate it, all with the passion of two partners who are committed to seeing their vision to completion. Whether the roadblocks are technical or aesthetic, the partnership is often the springboard for the solution. Because of their commitment to nurture each other, their work is better for it and their relationship has thrived because of it.

Andrea and Rob do different work, in different ways. Nevertheless, their artistry is driven by a similar impetus — to chronicle the transformative power of light and life, as they shape the natural and human-made environment. Each of the Stones investigates the dialogue between what is moving and what is still, between what is fleeting and what remains. Andrea’s pictures capture the dance of light and color on monumental structures. Rob’s pictures chronicle the rhythmic flows that connect water, sky and land. In their own way, each artist probes the mystery and agility of a world we think we know, but have really only just begun to explore.