A detailed study of the geometric elements that appear throughout a number of beloved European cities, this collection of cityscape photography takes a closer look at a series of captivating characteristics of the urban world. Highly abstracted architectural features found on urban structures are highlighted through a muted, more nuanced color palette where shadows, graphic patterns, and shapes take center stage. By capturing the distinct essence of each featured city’s architecture, this selection of abstract photography inspires viewers to open their eyes to the incredible visual complexities of the world around them.

Sun and Shadow: Pewter Sun and Shadow: Copper Sun and Shadow: Titanium
Sun and Shadow: Bronze Exile Enigma
Rush Hour Regatta Smokestacks
Synapses Cat’s Cradle Sun and Shadow: Platinum
Labyrinth Sea Battle Sun and Shadow: Palladium
Sun and Shadow: Cadmium The Wall: Yellow Butterflies Sun and Shadow: Tungsten
The Wall: Leopards and Cream Bamboo Forest The Wall: Polychrome Swirls I
Celluloid Carousel Zoetrope Mylar Metropolis
Liquid Impressions I Liquid Impressions II Liquid Impressions III
Neon Wings I Twisted Views Neon Wings II
Port Lights I Port Lights II The Wall: Polychrome Swirls II