Wild, kaleidoscopic colors and patterns of reflected architecture dominate this architectural photography gallery of cities in North America. Each photograph demonstrates the constantly-shifting ways in which light, color, and geometry appear in our urban landscapes, putting an abstract spin on the traditional ideal of cityscape photography. Not only do viewers have the opportunity to experience a wide range of unique patterns and vibrant colors, but they can also catch glimpses of the magical intersection between reality and illusion.

Joe’s Public Parking I Kings’ Alley Joe’s Public Parking II
White Tower Reverie II Burlap and Zebras
White Lines I White Lines II City Landscape
Asian Scroll On Michigan Avenue Doorway To The Daily Diary
Bricks And Mirrors Tribal Print Train Stop
Melting City Infinite Mirror The Road
Men At Work Layer Cake Triptych
Architexture Local Color In The Land Of Dali
Waterfront Blues White Sails Waterfall
Faulty Towers Urban Tapestry Prism
Storm Blue Tree Fusion
The Rings I White Ribbons Garden Wall
The Towers: Red Fire Dance The Towers: Dragon
The Towers: Silver Cloud Black and Blues Self Portrait